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»Pew pew pew !: Dayz standalone could be coming in november !!! New pictures available in the news!
Clannews / New Games
Argh... fuck i just deleted the 99% finished newspost -_- and it wasnt a really short one *ugh* ok lets try again.

Soon the weppage and the clan itself will undergo a few alterations ;)

First, the whole system will be running based on a totally different and new system (not based on ILCH anymore, but instead on Clansphere).

With it the design will be redesigned too of course. It will get a clean and fresh layout (hopefully).
Also the new system should be faster and more reliable. Furthermore it has better features and the updates and fixed come more frequently.

Second, with the new system and layout we will be switching from a german only speaking clan, to a mixed players EU based clan.
So to speak, we will have a big german speaking base, but also a lot of players from around europe. If we have enough players for a german speaking team (DE/AUT/NL/SWISS) then we definitely will have a team for them aswell, but also an english only speaking CTF team also (maybe even a CA team too).

Third and last, the QL community is not really the most active one on the market (as most of you know) Not many cups and leagues are around (ESL ...) and a lot of the big events dont even host ql anymore. I dont really hope that this continues, but if, it would not be bad to have a lookout for some good alternatives.
Cause i talked to Silver yesterday, he told me about this one:

Should be alot like Quake, even with Railguns, Rockets n Lightning, the Trailer itself looks more like iCTF though).
But a few quake players already switched over to playing it, like Strenx and some more. So it cant be that bad. Its in closed beta atm, so you have to enlist and hope for a free spot to try it out !

Well thats it for now, ill post the link to the new system as soon as i have finished testing it (its already online and being altered).
I wont be taking over parts of the old system, so you have to reregister a new acount on the page!

- Sheeva

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