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»Pew pew pew !: Dayz standalone could be coming in november !!! New pictures available in the news!
Just for some news ;)
Cause its been a long time already..... *sight*

We r still here, we r still playing :finger

I didnt update the site (still in progress) cause i havent decided on the final design & functionality (summer is a bitch, i tend to like my real life :P)

I (we) have been playing lots of DayZ, some CS:GO, some Quake (i payed for another year of premium), some MMORPG and since a few days we tested the WarZ alpha!

We are really fond of DayZ and cant wait to get our hands on the final release!!!

Here a very long but absolutely brilliant interview and Q&A from "Rocket" about the ongoing process of the DayZ standalone development and whats going to be in it (hes really funny and i think it will be a perfect game when its done!)

Furthermore ... well.. hopefully i will have the time to finally implement the new system and push the new teams until DayZ is finally here ...

Have fun fraggin!


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